Process dialogs are deprecated and will be removed by December 1, 2020. Until that day. Did your company have replacement options?

With some keywords on Google: dynamics crm 365 cds dialog you found:

Let summary

2 years, 4 posts (as I known), all mention unsupported
2 years, 4 Dynamics 365 Release but this function still unsupported too.
On July 22, 2018 Scott Durow commented

this is still a preview and isn’t supported in production yet.

As Scott Durow said, I believed in the future, this function will be supported. Let see.

And, I continue wrote the fifth post (is last post?) of section: “Custom Dialogs in UCI”.

What have I written for the fifth post ? No I don’t. I create a web application.

I am happy to announce crmdialog released

What is crmdialog?

  • Focus to “Custom Dialogs in UCI”
  • Form designer support drag’n’drop
  • Remove your headache when write a valid FormXml
  • Download solution and then you can import to your Dynamics 365 CRM/CDS
  • Upload existing Dynamisc 365 CRM/CDS solution to crmdialog that you can edit/update form dialog
  • Work with un-managed solution only
  • Check the document and open your questions to me
  • FREE